A little rain and a lot of trouble!

The cost of Sunday night’s storm damage will be in the hundreds of millions or more

The cool front that roared through Round Rock Sunday night brought 3/4 of an inch in rain which was a good thing, but the hail was not. Hail stones ranging from quarter-size hail to softball size hail pound our area. After pounding Round Rock the storm headed South continuing its damage as it seemed to have followed I-35 like it was a bus.

As the light of sunrise spread, Monday morning, and business owners and homeowners in North Round Rock got a good look at what happened Sunday night many were “just stunned”! As one business owner described his shock to us Monday morning “It is one thing to hear about softball size hail on the news and Facebook but it is hard to fathom in your mind what that translates to in damage!”

One car dealership lot in the area that received the most hail damage had over 800 new or used vehicles damaged. The parking lot for a car rental company in North Round Rock had rows and rows of cars with shattered and broken windshields and dented-up vehicles. A restaurant in that area had almost a dozen badly pummeled vehicles that were left in their parking lot Monday morning missing windshield and rear windows, that belonged to patrons and employees, that were too damaged to drive. There was also broken plastic scattered everywhere on the ground from headlights, taillights, and trim, from the vehicles that were damaged but were able to drive home. As we left the area service trucks were pulling to service the damaged equipment that was located on the roofs of the restaurant and surrounding buildings.

The city of Round Rock announced that many of the City’s Police, Fire, and Public services vehicles were damaged while sitting in their parking lots or while being used to respond to 911 calls.

Homeowners in Northwest Round Rock appeared to have the most damage to their homes and vehicles with broken windows, holes in the roof of their homes, and water damage inside the homes. Homes and properties on the South-East side received hail but it ranged from quarter size to Ping-Pong size which caused much less damage.

There were several homes without power Sunday night but according to Oncor at this time all power has been restored.

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