Breaking News: A Body of woman and a live baby found in Houston home. 12:30 pm Update

UPDATE:  12/20/2019: 12:30 pm

The authorities found the body of a deceased woman in the trunk of a car in Houston.

They are conducting an autopsy at this time.

The baby was taken from the home where the vehicle with the deceased woman was found, to a hospital for a checkup and did not have any obvious injuries.

One person has been arrested and charged with two counts of kidnapping and one count of tampering with a corpse.

At this time Austin Police is planning a news conference with the FBI, DPS, and other state agencies this afternoon around 2:00 pm.

Houston news stations are reporting that authorities have found a month old child in good condition in a home in Jersey Village, Texas. They also found the body of a decease woman in the home.

A vehicle belonging to someone who knows the missing Austin woman, Heidi Broussard, was found at the Houston home where the body and baby were found.

There are also reports out of Austin that several people are in police custody.

As this story continues to develop we will keep you updated.

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