Canadian women held for White House Ricin attack had Texas connection.

A women, has been be detained by the US Boarder Patrol and will be charged by The US attorney’s office in Washington DC with sending a letter to President Trump and several letters to different locations in Texas containing the deadly poison Ricin.

According to boarder agents, the Canadian national was detained at the Canadian/US boarder as she attempted to enter into Buffalo from Canada. She was allegedly in possession of a firearm.

The same Canadian national was arrested last year in Mission, Texas where she was living and was held in Hidalgo County Jail in Edinburg, Texas. The Mission Texas Police arrested her for possession of an unlicensed weapon, carrying a fake driver’s license, and resisting arrest. While she was being held in the Hidalgo County Jail authorities discovered that she had overstayed her six-month visa. As a result of the visa violation and being arrested on the other criminal charges she was deported back to Canada.

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