Council approves master plan for Downtown park land

    Round Rock City Council unanimously approved the design of a master plan for more park land and trail connectivity in Downtown Round Rock at the March 9 meeting.

    The $277,834 contract with design firm Design Workshop will include design of the Lawn at Brushy Creek, a parks project situated along Brushy Creek on the north side of Downtown Round Rock. Round Rock officials have acquired several pieces of land is expected to allow the City to build the new park and tie the future Heritage Trail to Sheppard Street/Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Way to bring pedestrians and cyclists into Downtown. The project is expected to also give officials the opportunity to address stormwater issues in the area.

    The planning process will also include public engagement opportunities.

    Funding for the design of the master plan will come from the City’s general self-financed construction fund. The construction of the Lawn at Brushy Creek is one of the proposed projects outlined in the Parks, Recreation and Sports proposition in the City’s upcoming May 6 bond election. Learn more about the upcoming election at

    Project limits

    Note: The floodplain below is a future land donation, and does not include any land outside of the floodplain.

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