Crisis Response Unit takes Round Rock public safety to the next level

Created in 2022, the City’s Crisis Response Unit (CRU) assists families and individuals in Round Rock who are experiencing a behavioral health crisis.

The CRU is part of the Round Rock Fire Department’s Community Risk Reduction division and works alongside law enforcement and other partner agencies to respond to calls, arrange care and improve the quality of life for the community. 

Source: City of Round Rock Website

The Crisis Response Unit responds to calls coming into the City’s dispatch center if they involve a behavioral health crisis, which includes mental health emergencies and overdoses or other substance use issues. If the crisis begins as an emergency, other public safety branches, such as firefighters or police officers, may be dispatched first, followed by a request for follow up by the Crisis Response Unit. This allows emergency services to be released back into service to respond to higher priority calls. 

This unit is up and operational and the City of Round Rock website has an excellent presentation describing the origins of the group and the purpose of the mission.

Over the years the Round Rock Fire Department has been very active in our community with their risk reduction programs and their other outreach programs like the program that collects and distributes new, boxed fans to provide heat relief to seniors, adults with disabilities, and families in need. This operational group now is ready to provide much need support for families and individuals in the community that often tend to fall into the cracks and are bounced between different agencies to get the help that is needed.

Click on the link above and learn more about the program so that when you come across families and individuals in Round Rock who is experiencing a behavioral health crisis you can refer them to the program.

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