Down, but not out. Gino’s Italian Restaurant is back in action servicing the community!

Around 5 pm on Saturday evening a car hit the front wall of Gino’s Italian Restaurant and drove into the larger of their two dining rooms. Eight people were injured; two of them were transported to the hospital with serious, but non-life-threatening injuries. The six other individual’s injuries did not require hospitalization.  

One of the individuals transported to the hospital was a server who works a full-time job and works at Gino’s on the weekend. She was struck by the car that drove into the restaurant. She suffered a broken leg and received several stitches. She will not be able to work for a long time. The holiday season is already stressful and her being a mother to five and not being able to work has greatly increased that stress. Gino’s Facebook site asks if anyone would like to help the injured mother of five, they can donate an H-E-B or Walmart gift card to help out the server and her family, it would greatly appreciate it. “If you drop off any gift cards, Gino’s and I, Gina Minardi will make sure she gets them. We are also putting together a meal chain if you’d like to help.”

The Round Rock Police have completed their investigation into the accident and determined that the elderly driver was not intoxicated and driving into the building was unintentional. They have requested the driver’s license be put under DPS review.

Posted today December 12, 2022on Gino’s Facebook site

“To all of our amazing Gino’s customer! Thank you so much for the support, prayers and patronage during this time. Needless to say due to repairs being made on our largest dining area we will have very limited dining. Please know we will try to accommodate as many of our customers as we can. With that being said we cannot sit parties of more the 6.

We also encourage use of our Gino’s to go, Family orders or catering. We are working as hard and fast as we can to re-open our largest dining room. Just know how appreciative we are of each and every one of you during this time. Gino’s truly does have the very best customers.”

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