Free Mulch for City of Round Rock residents and free Brush and Leaf bag drop off

It’s that time of year again when the Cedar Fever is fading, the sun is shining and it’s time to start trimming up those trees and bushes, raking up the leaves, and prepare the flower beds. But once you have all that work completed what are your options to get rid of all of the brush, branches, and leaves?

Residents of the City of Round Rock have several options to help them spruce things up. Those options run from a free do-it-yourself approach to paid pick-up and delivery.

NOTE: The City of Round Rock list shrubs, tree branches, and leaves as “NOT ACCEPTED” on their website during the Spring Clean-up pick up which will be held in April this year. However, they do list “lumber” and “scrap metal” on the list of items they will pick up which would include old landscape lumber or metal edging leftover from your landscaping projects.

The first option, if you are serviced by Round Rock Refuse, is to place items on the curb for weekly pick up. Round Rock Refuse will pick up 7 additional items each pick-up day including bundled brush and bagged leaves) with the following restrictions.

  • Each item must be less than 40 pounds and no larger than 4′ x 4′ x 4′. For larger items, contact Round Rock Refuse to schedule a pick up (fees apply).
  • Leaves in bags
  • Brush must be bundled or contained in cart with the lid closed (note this brush is not recycled)

Your second option is to drop it off yourself.

Drop Off  and Pick up Location:

Brush, Recycling & Mulch

City of Round Rock Parks and Recreation Forestry Brush Recycling Center

310 Deepwood Drive, Round Rock, TX 78664512-310-7031

Hours of Operation 9 am-6 pm Monday through Saturday, CLOSED Sunday

Brush Drop-off (Free)

Residents that live in the full purpose City limits and pay city taxes (not RRISD taxes) may drop-off brush, up to 2 cubic yards for free. Medium and large-sized brush drop-off loads are charged fees regardless of residency.

Brush Drop-off Prices:

Small load (2 yards) No Charge for Residents-  $15 per load for Non-residents

Medium Load (2-4 yards) $20 per load for Residents and per loads for Non-residents

Large Load (more than 4 yards) $40 per load for Residents for Non-residents

Bagged leaves and grass are accepted separately from brush drop-off at the Center. (For Residents Only)

Accepted: tree trimmings, branches, limbs, and other parts of shrubs. Trees & leaves must be free of trash and rocks and can be placed in the appropriate piles specified at the Recycling Center.

Not Accepted: landscape waste (palm trees, cacti, compost), tree stumps, treated wood such as telephone poles, railroad ties, lumber, demolition debris, rock concrete, hazardous waste, and household garbage

There are seven Municipal Utility Districts (MUDS) and subdivisions listed below that are not within Round Rock city limits and do not get drop-off brush city services free. Non-residents pay a fee for brush drop-offs (depending on size), and mulch purchases ($5 per cubic yard with a 2 cubic yard minimum).

Brushy Creek, Fern Bluff, Meadows at Chandler Creek, Paloma Lake, Terra Vista, Vista Oaks, Walsh Ranch

While your at the Recycling Center check out Free cleaning products, fertilizers, paint and more!

Many products brought to the City’s Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) events, can be reused safely and effectively. These products are made available to the public at no cost, and can be picked up at the Recycling Center during normal business hours. For liability purposes, a signed waiver will be required before any items can be removed from the site.

Items are FREE and may include:

  • Paint
  • Pesticides
  • Fertilizers
  • Cleaning products
  • Pool chemicals
  • Automotive fluids
  • Other common household chemicals

 Recycling, reusing and reclaiming hazardous waste helps prevent environmental dangers and protect natural resources.

Paid Brush Hauling

Pick-up service is only provided to Round Rock residents that live inside the Round Rock City limits and pay City of Round Rock taxes. Residential curbside brush pick-up is contracted out to Round Rock Refuse.

· Brush pick-up is on Wednesdays

· Fee will appear on the City of Round Rock water utility bill

· $25 for the first five minutes and$1 for each additional minute

· Brush must be piled along the curb, preferably no longerthan10’, and free of obstruction; cannot be under trees or next to cars, mailboxes, etc.

· Deadline for Wednesday pick-up is Tuesday by 4 pm

· Requests can be made online or by calling the Round Rock Parks and Recreation Department at 512-218-5540.

Free Mulch for residents!

Citizens, with proof of Round Rock residency, may take small pick-up truckloads of mulch during the Center’s hours of operation for free. Mulch is available while supplies last.

Bring your shovel and load your mulch or opt to pay $10 for Center staff to load the mulch for you.

Mulch For Sale

MULCH DELIVERY: $50 for 5 cubic yards (minimum) $100 for 10 cubic yards/delivered to your house; in City limits only.

For more information: Emsud Horozovic, Forestry Manager, at 512-341-3350 or

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