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Our 55 second Insta-cast news updates on Instagram are quick, convenient, and a safe way to get updates on the latest news, weather forecast and safety alerts when you are on the move!

Insta-cast are Timely, Accurate & Focused

We Focus on Round Rock!

Weather Updates

Get the latest weather updates for our area. Quick, concise and focused on the Round Rock area.

Local Traffic Updates

Timely reports of backups due to Accidents, Weather related closures, Construction and Street repairs .

Breaking News

Stay on top of breaking news events in Round Rock that directly impact you and your family's and safety/

Community Events

Hear friendly reminders about upcoming events and announcements on cancellations or changes.

New Businesses

Learn about new businesses coming to Round Rock and announcements when they open.

Health News Updates

Timely Alerts, warnings and recommendations regarding health issues that directly impact your family.

We Help our community businesses grow!

Insta-Cast reports are supported by our local businesses and help them grow!

If you would like to get your business or organization better visibility and support our community by sponsoring Insta-cast contact us at 512-466-1448