Keep these numbers handy

Well here is another challenge before us. The last few days have been a mix of cold and Ice which have caused many power outages, vehicle accidents, and a bit of a shopping panic. We at CUN.NEWS has been busy gather some information together to provide you information to keep you and your family safe

First, contact information, we have updated our Emergency Contact info card that displays on our website FrontPage. Here is the latest update that you may want to copy, take a screenshot, or download (It is a . jpg) and keep in your phone or print out and keep in a handy spot and share it with friends and family members. The contact information includes all the emergency numbers for Gas, Water, Power, and Poison Control as well as non-emergency numbers for Police and Fire. In a case of an emergency use 911 but if you have a non-emergency concern or question you can use the non-emergency to contact our first responders.

We know that there will be many announcements over the next few days so CUN.NEWS will be using our Instagram account “communitynetwork” as the fastest, most flexible way to keep you updated. We will also keep our followers informed on the website and our Facebook site however if we lose power here at the News office, Instagram is the most reliable choice channel to update our followers.

Our constantly changing forecast is calling for record-breaking cold so keep in mind our homes and vehicles have never been this cold and you need to be prepared for issues like frozen pipes and power outages.  If you do not need to go out – Don’t! The temperatures will be lowest Monday night with a possible low of 2 degrees on the thermometer but with a wind, the wind chill will be below zero. The weather forecast also shows the possibility of snow Monday and Monday night.

For the latest AccuWeather forecast visit our web site at and click on the “weather” menu.

So keep warm and informed and your cell phones charged!

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