Man accused of killing former Round Rock resident has been released on bond

The man accused of shooting Dianna Lynn Pier to death, in the Florence area on August 4th, has been released from Williams County Jail.  Joshua Gilbreath was arrested on August 13th and charged with a First Degree Felony, his bond was set at 1 Million dollars due to the violent nature of the murder charges.

Joshua Gilbreath

Due to the Williamson County District Attorney’s office missing the 90-day deadline to indict Gilbreath a Williamson County Judge reduced Gilbreath bond, at the request of his new attorney. The defendant’s bond was reduced from a 1 Million dollar bond to a 250,000 dollar bond and his family was able to procure the amount necessary to get Gilbreath released. According to Williamson County’s records Gilbreath’s trial is currently set for late July.

According to a statement from the Williamson County District Attorney Shawn Dick, that due to a Williamson County prosecutor missing a crucial deadline regarding the timely presentation in front of a Grand Jury, that prosecutor is no longer employed in his office.

The arrest of Joshua Gilbreath

On August 5th Williamson County Detectives released a statement regarding the investigation of a homicide that occurred on August 4th, 2022, at approximately 8:45 pm. Williamson County received a 911 call regarding a shooting in the 4500 block of County Road 245, outside the City of Florence, in Northwestern Williamson County. On deputies’ arrival, they found a 70-year-old female deceased on the roadway. They also asked for the public’s help and for information on a gray or silver sedan that was seen in the area at the time of the shooting.

Former Round Rock resident victim of a shooting in Florence

The victim’s identity was released several days later on August 8th as 70-year-old, Diana Lynn Pier of Florence, Texas, formally a resident of Round Rock, Texas. Dianna, her husband and there children lived and worked in Round Rock. The children attend and graduated from Round Rock schools. She was a active member of the Saint William Catholic Church before moving Florence area.

On August 13th, in a media release, the Williamson County Sheriff’s Department stated that at approximately 3:00 am on August 13, 2022, Williamson County Detectives had arrested 26-year-old Joshua Anthony Gilbreath from Pflugerville, Texas for the August 4th, 2022, murder of Diana Lynn Pier.

Details from the arrest affidavit explain what lead investigators to Gilbreath.

According to the Affidavit, on the evening of August 4th, a witness living in the area of the shooting on CR 245 stated that she saw a silver sedan with its flashers on, parked in the southbound lane of CR 245. She observed a vehicle driven by 70-year-old Diana Lynn Pier, drive past the silver sedan and pull into a driveway area. The witness stated she then saw someone running from the rear of Pier’s car to the silver sedan, which was still parked on the roadway with its flashers on. The silver sedan then sped off “at a high rate of speed”.

After the silver sedan sped off, the witness walked to the end of her driveway and saw a woman lying in the roadway, the woman was later identified as Pier.

At this time the exact reason Pier was shot has not been released but the medical examiner has confirmed Pier died from a gunshot wound. Investigators also found a shell casing in the road near Pier’s body.

Information in the affidavit also states Gilbreath bought a used pistol in Pflugerville on July 29 from a local gun shop. Investigators also obtained photos of the cartridges Gilbreath purchased that same day, and they matched the cartridge found at the crime scene in Florence.

According to information in the affidavit, on August 11th a friend of Gilbreath called the police and said that Gilbreath had told him about the shooting, while at a bar, and divulged details about the shooting.

Investigators were also able to locate Gilbreath’s phone and the vehicle in the area of the crime scene during the time of the shooting. In addition, the shell casing found at the scene matched the type of ammo purchased when Gilbreath purchased the gun.

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