Man sentenced to life in prison for 2019 shooting in Round Rock

Kenneth Gregory Knight was indicted by a grand jury in Williamson County in 2019 on a murder charge stemming from a shooting in Round Rock that left 73-year-old John Scott Lyman dead. After he was conviction by a jury, he was sentenced to life in prison starting July 1st. 

According to Knight, Lyman was his bookie and he went to Lyman’s apartment on Monday, February 18 in the 650 block of Louis Henna Boulevard to pay his debt. Knight stated that Lyman pointed a gun at him because Knight didn’t have enough money to pay the debt.

Knight told police that he pushed the 22 caliber handgun away and the gun went off striking Knight in the eye. Knight claimed he and Lyman then struggled and during the struggle Knight found a second handgun in the apartment and during that struggle the gun went off. Lyman then headed for a couch and Knight then fired several more shots into Lyman. Knight then called 911. Police found Lyman dead in the apartment and Knight was taken to the St. David’s Hospital in Round Rock while police investigated.

During the investigation of the incident, it was determined that the second handgun was Knight’s. Due to conviction in 2001 on charges of passing bad checks in Missouri and a conviction of theft in Arizona in July of 1993, Knight was not allowed to possess a firearm outside of his residence in the State of Texas.

Knight was originally charged with possession of an unregistered firearm, a 3rd Degree Felony, and later charged with Capital Murder by Robbery.

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