Minivan slams into local Jewelry store

On Saturday, September 25, a Honda Odyssey Minivan smashed through the front of Stall Jewelers located at 1110 N IH-35 Suite 500 in Round Rock. The front door and wall were destroyed as well as several showcases and a wall to their office. Stall Jewelers is a family-owned store run by husband and wife team Eric and Norma Stall. The sign on the wall inside the store says it has been in operation since 1982.

When I spoke to Eric, he was thankful no one was seriously injured although Norma did receive 4 stitches near her eye and was bruised but otherwise ok. The owners were also thankful that none of the customer-owned items in the store were damaged. They are both eager to get the shop back in operations but realize the magnitude of the repairs needed because they miss their clients.

Right now they continuing to clean up and assessing the scope of repairs and dealing with the insurance company. It is too early to determine how quickly they will get the shop reopened but there is no doubt that they will reopen.

There was no fire. Smoke seen coming from the building was apparently from the tires of the vehicle which were still spinning even after the vehicle came to rest.

The driver, who was leaving one of the other stores in the complex, apparently hit several other vehicles before hitting the front of the store including a large beverage delivery truck, several pick-up trucks, and a mustang. The driver was not injured due to her airbags deploying.

We will continue to follow the Stall’s progress and let you know when they are ready to reopen their doors.

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