Overnight storm causes major damage to building in Bertram

Damage caused by a Tornado or Straight-line winds

Overnight thunderstorms passing through the area only causing minor damage to most areas however the storm cell which was traveling east along State Highway 29 did major damage to several buildings to our east in Bertram. The storm which hit Bertram around 10 pm ripped off the roof and part of the side of the Bertram Blends and Boutique located at 29 and North Grange Street.

Other buildings in the area received damage but the damage was limited. The National Weather Service is expected later today to inspect the damage to determine if the damage was caused by a Tornado touching down or straight-line winds.

Other cities in the area also reported large hail from last night causing damage to roofs and vehicles. Some of the hail falling around Buchanan Dam was reported to be baseball size. No injuries were reported in the areas hit by last night’s storms.

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