Penfold Theatre presents: It’s a Wonderful Life Classic Radiocast thru December 21st

Penfold Theatre 
It’s a Wonderful Life Classic Radiocast
Directed and adapted by Nathan Jerkins
Old Settlers Hall, 3300 Palm Valley Boulevard, Round Rock
$16 – $31

The players of the fictional KPNF radio station return with a new spin on Frank Capra’s holiday masterpiece.
You’ll fall in love with George Bailey’s timeless tale of despair, hope and redemption all over again.

Back by popular demand, the show draws audience members back in time to 1946 as members of the KPNF radio station are assembling for a live radio performance of It’s a Wonderful Life. Through dozens of characterizations and live foley sound effects, five talented actors tell the entire story, putting an imaginative twist on a cherished holiday tradition.

Guests of all ages will fall in love with George Bailey and his timeless tale of despair, redemption and hope all over again.

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