Power outages in downtown Round Rock today

Around 2 AM a vehicle crashed through a small tree and struck a large power transformer on the southwest corner of the circle in downtown Round Rock this morning. The incident left most of the downtown area, including the Library without power for most of the morning. Through out the day the power is being restored to different segments of the area.

Oncor was able to restore power to some of the businesses in the area but at 2:00 PM this afternoon there will still many business including Lone Star Bakery still out of power. Lone Star Bakery has been closed since the incident occurred early this morning and did not expect to back in operation until tomorrow morning. The bakery, which is currently undergoing a facelift, is only operating the drive thru window for a week or so but without power not even drive through service was available today.

The traffic light at the corner of Mays and Main is being powered by a generator sitting in the bed a City pickup truck.

The Brass Tap posted on Facebook that they were out of power this morning but expected to be back in operation this afternoon.

The Brass Tap did get their power back shortly before 4:30 this afternoon and was in the process of opening up the bar.

If you had plans to visit a downtown business this evening it would be a good idea to check the businesses Facebook page or give them a call. I am sure that they would be happy for your business since they were closed most or part of the day.

Remember to buy local and support our downtown businesses!

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