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Round Rock City Council approves zoning for Amazon project

In a regular meeting on Thursday, Jan. 11, the Round Rock City Council unanimously approved a series of agenda items paving the way for a new Amazon development on a 149-acre site.

The Amazon-owned property is located at the southwest intersection of County Road 172 and McNeil Road. Council considered three agenda items, including the annexation of a portion of County Road 172, an agreement for the City to provide services to the newly annexed area and another providing specific zoning and land use plans for the Amazon project, including the creation of a Planned Unit Development (PUD).

The PUD, as laid out in the council meeting, divides the property into two development areas: Development Area A, which will include a warehouse and distribution facility with a maximum building height of 60 feet, and Development Area B, which allows for warehouse and distribution, a data center and an electric substation, with a maximum building height of 120 feet to accommodate potential data center structures.

According to representatives from Amazon, the site will house a new last-mile delivery station, crucial for facilitating direct deliveries to customers, improving efficiency and enhancing the overall customer experience. This station is part of Amazon’s broader strategy to enhance its logistics capabilities and cater to the growing demand for e-commerce services. The development is expected to create 150-200 job opportunities and will involve Delivery Service Providers, supporting a network of services that aid in Amazon’s delivery infrastructure. The start of construction is planned toward the end of 2024.

Amazon and the City engaged extensively with the Greater Round Rock West Neighborhood Association regarding the property starting in 2021, leading to modifications in the PUD for improved neighborhood compatibility. This engagement included a series of meetings addressing various aspects of the development, such as drainage, light, noise and traffic impact. Modifications to the PUD in response to community feedback include reduced lighting, noise reduction strategies, enhanced sidewalks and prohibition of electronic signs.

Source: City of Round Rock website

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