Saturday’s storms sparked several house fires in Round Rock

08/24/2020: Our Texas weather has been interesting and somewhat annoying lately. The surprise thunderstorm on Saturday morning was not much on wind but one of the highest lightning intense storms in a while.

Williamson County dispatch sent out three dispatches in just minutes for Round Rock Fire units to respond to structure fires resulting from lightning strikes.

Not one but two storms are headed to our Gulf shores at the same time

The first dispatch was to 1 Wilderness Way in the Forest Creek area, then dispatches to 5701 Ponano Circle in the Siena subdivision, 4 miles north of Forest Creek area, and 6752 Calabria Drive just 1.5 miles north of the home on Ponano Circle also located in the Siena subdivision. The lightning strike at Wilderness way did moderate damage to the home but the home located on Calabria was completely gutted. At approximately the same time Hutto Fire Department was dispatched for a fire which was also believed to be caused by lightning. Fortunately, there were no injuries or loss of life in any of the fires.

6752 Calabria Drive

Round Rock did receive approximately 1 inch of rain from the storms and for the first time in 20 consecutive days, the temperature stayed below the 100 degree mark. The 20 days of consecutive days with day time highs above 100 degrees is the third-longest stretch of consecutive day in triple digits on record in Texas.

The forecast for this week does not call for any triple-digit highs and possible rain in the latter half of the week.

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