Sheriff Cody says “You do not need a permission slip”

Williamson County Sheriff tweeted this statement.

Williamson County Sheriff Chody@SheriffChodyThe #StayHomeStaySafe order in #Wilco doesn’t require a hall pass, permission slip, or employers note to travel to or fro. In addition, the rumor that WCSO will have road blocks checking for permission papers for travel are NOT true. #BePreparedDontBeScared

According to the Stay Home Stay Safe order that was issued in Williamson County yesterday the following activities are allowed:

  • Going to Doctor Appointments
  • Going to Essential Jobs
  • Going to get food or prescriptions
  • Going to help or care for someone
  • Going for walks, walking the dog(s), running, biking as long as you observe “Social Distancing”
  • Picking up ISD children’s school breakfasts or lunches

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