Small plane crashes into home in Georgetown

Shortly before Noon on Sunday a small plane crashed into the roof of a newly built vacant duplex-home on the 500-block of North Wood Drive. The home was not occupied at the time.

The three occupants of the small Beech aircraft suffered non-life-threatening injuries and were transported to the hospital and released later in the day.

Nearby witnesses of the crash, rushed into the house and made their way to the attic area. There they assisted the plane’s pilot and 2 passengers get out of the plane and out of the house. They stated the passengers were dazed and confused but did not seem to be seriously injured considering they just crashed through the roof of a house.  Reportedly the plane was returning from a trip to Kerrville and developed engine issues. The plane crashed within approximately  2500 feet of the end of the Georgetown Airport runway.

The major damage to the home appears to be limited to the upper floor and roof of the home however, fuel from the plane did leak out into the building.

National Transportation Safety Board was advised of the incident and they will lead the investigation into the crash.

Photos from Georgetown Fire Department Facebook Page

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