Storms cause damage in the surrounding area

Round Rock doges weather damage

The US Weather Service issued a severe weather alert Thursday night regarding a cold front which was due to sweep through our area yesterday and although there was damage all around us, Round Rock was spared.

As of 7:00 am this morning 60,000 homes in the area are without power, two 18 wheel trucks were blown over, multiple counties reported hail and wind damage.

Hill Country area towns like Fredericksburg and Johnson City reported pea to ping pong ball size hail last night. Liberty Hill and the area just North of Georgetown reported hail as well.

South of our area wind was the big factor. Two 18 wheeler trucks on 130, near Lockhart, were blown over on their sides and Kyle reported damage to siding on several homes in their area.

In Round Rock we did experience some strong winds but no major damage was reported. We also received an inch and a half of long over due rain.

All in all, Round Rock received some rain, wind, lightning & thunder and that was it!

Temperatures today should be sunny with temperatures in the mid 50s and near freezing temperatures tonight. The next chance for rain in our area is Tuesday.

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