The latest breakdown in COVID#19 death by age-group for Texas

APRIL 21, 2019 Statistics show our concern for our older population is valid but Texans between the ages of 20 and 29 have also lost their lives to COVID#19. According to the numbers released from the Texas Health and Human Services and Texas Department of State Health Services to date, over 517 people in Texas have died of the Coronavirus. The best news out of the latest numbers is there are no deaths attributed to COVID#19 under the age of 19. Compared to the rest of the country we are doing OK.

The latest release of data from Texas shows the breakdown of COVID#19 deaths in Texas by demographics. As you can see on the graph above, out of 206 deaths investigated, 44% or a total of 91 deaths, were in the 80+year-old demographics.

Oddly enough, the next highest category is ages 65 to 69 with a total of 25 deaths or 12% of the 206 deaths investigated. In the 75 to 79 demographics 24, or 11% of the 206 deaths investigated were attributed to the virus.

As of today, the 65 to 80+-year-old demographics account for 157 of the deaths attributed to COVID-19. That is over 76% of all of the COVID#19 deaths investigated so far in Texas.

There were no deaths in the group of 206 deaths investigated under the age of 20, however, there where 6 deaths attributed to COVID#19 in 20 to 39-year-old demographics.

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