UPDATE: Ricin attack on White House and Texas law enforcement

First and foremost, the FBI has stated “At this time, there is no known threat to public safety”.

The name of the suspect has been released, however CUN.NEWS policy is to not release the names of persons who may have committed a crime or endanger the public safety for the sake of publicity.

Here are the facts as they have been reported:

– It has been reported that up to six envelopes, containing the deadly biologic Ricin were mailed from Canada. One was sent to the president at the White House and the rest were sent to law enforcement in Texas.

– All the envelopes appear to have been mailed by the same person and letters appeared to have originated in Canada. It is not know yet if the suspect acted alone in mailing the Ricin.

– Envelopes containing Ricin were reportedly mailed to law enforcement agencies in the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas. The Sheriff of Hidalgo County, Texas, Eddie Guerra, stated that envelopes containing Ricin were sent to him and three of his detention staff. None of the staff or the Sheriff was injured by the Ricin. The suspect was held at one time in the Hidalgo County Jail.

– A spokesman for the Mission Texas Police Department stated that one of the envelopes was sent to police in Mission, Texas.

– A 53-year-old woman, with joint Canadian and French citizenship was detained at the Canadian/US border on Sunday as she tried to enter the US at Peace Bridge border crossing in Buffalo, New York. She was in possession of a firearm at the time.

– Originally from France, the suspect became a Canadian citizen in November 2015. She is currently listed as a resident of Quebec.

– In 2019, she was stopped in Mission, Texas by an officer from the Mission Texas Police Department and subsequently charged with using a fake Texas driver’s license and unlawfully carrying a weapon. Records show she was booked by the Mission Texas Police Department on March 13th, 2019, and released May 18th, 2019

– The subject was held in Hidalgo County Jail in Edinburg, Texas. During the time she was held, it was discovered that she overstayed her six-month visa and was ordered to be deported to Canada when her incarnation was done.

– No known antidote exists for Ricin. When a person is exposed to Ricin, death can take place within 36 to 72 hours, depending on the dose received.

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